LFD Performance Sampler Archive


The page is in progress and just barely ready for viewing but we thought it might be fun
for ya if you made it.

This is a humble collection of various recorded performance excerpts..
They were posted here for your review, scrutiny, ridicule and
hopefully your enjoyment, which is our ultimate goal in the quest for dance.
These are live performance Samples caught during the Findleton Finale 2010.
They are not studio productions, but nevertheless . . . .we feel they have captured the heart and soul
of the performances and we hope they bring some degree of musical pleasure for a few moments of your day.
At a minimum they will give you a good idea about the type of music we play and a small song list..

We are in the process of improving the recordings and will update as we go (wish us luck! :-)


Heavens Door *
  Heavens Door 
  Get up Stand up.   
  Red Red Wine 
  I Got Da  Bottle  
  Natural Mystic  
  Jonny Be Good  
  JaJa People  
  Whos Got the Hootch  
  Sweet Little Shoe  
  South Of The Border  
Economic Refugee 
  War - No More Trouble
Say What You Say 
Doors of Perception